How Mosquito Control Service Works

Below are answers to your questions about our pest control service.

How will your pest control technician treat my yard to control mosquitoes?

Our state-licensed technician will treat your entire property with a barrier spray that eliminates biting mosquitoes. He or she wears a backpack sprayer that dispenses professional chemicals through a special nozzle.

How does your mosquito repellent work?

Our barrier spray kills mosquitoes on contact but also sticks to shrubs and trees to become a mosquito repellent that remains active for weeks. It also control ticks.

How often do we need mosquito control treatments?

Our treatment kills and repels mosquitoes for about three weeks, so we recommend having us spray your yard with mosquito repellent every three weeks during warm months, April through October.

Is it safe to use our yard soon after you spray for mosquito control?

We’ll ask you to stay indoors while our technician is spraying, but 30 minutes later your yard is perfectly safe for you, your children and pets to enjoy again!

Do I have to be home when you apply mosquito spray?

We can treat your yard while you are not home if you wish, and we’ll leave a door hanger explaining our treatment and suggestions for you.

Are the pesticides you use for mosquito control safe?

We offer two types of mosquito control sprays.

Our Clear Zone® mosquito spray is based upon an insecticide that is naturally found in chrysanthemum flowers, which have the pyrethrum compound that protects the plant from insects. The synthetic pyrethrins comprising our spray are based on natural pyrethrum. Pyrethrins keep mosquitoes from biting and affect the nervous system of all insects and kill mosquitoes, but they are one of the safest insecticides to use. They are used in shampoo to control lice on people’s scalps or to wash pets for fleas and ticks.

Our organic Citronella spray is not a pesticide, it’s an oil made from an Asian plant that has an odor that repels mosquitoes so they stay away. It must be reapplied every 14 days to your property, more often than our Clear Zone treatments that are applied every 21 days.

What other ways can you help us control mosquitoes?

We’ll leave suggestions for how you can help control mosquitos by eliminating places where standing water lets mosquitoes lay their eggs: garden planters, toys, birdbaths, buckets, trash cans, etc. Anywhere that holds rainwater becomes a mosquito breeding ground. Eliminating problem spots helps prevent mosquitoes and we’ll let you know where those areas of concern are.