We Offer Two Kinds of Mosquito Control Treatments

Our Clear Zone® mosquito spray is based upon an insecticide that is naturally found in chrysanthemum flowers, which have the pyrethrum compound that protects the plant from insects. The synthetic pyrethrins comprising our spray are based on natural pyrethrum. Pyrethrins keep mosquitoes from biting and affect the nervous system of all insects and kill mosquitoes, but they are one of the safest insecticides to use. They are used in shampoo to control lice on people’s scalps or to wash pets for fleas and ticks. Order using the form below.

Some people choose our organic Citronella spray that is not a pesticide, it’s a natural oil made from an Asian plant that has an odor that repels mosquitoes so they stay away. It must be reapplied every 14 days to your property, more often than our Clear Zone treatments that are applied every 21 days. Please click to use our Citronella order form.

Order Clear Zone Mosquito Control Service

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    This agreement authorizes Mr. Mosquito Eater to enter the customer's property described above to apply Clear Zone mosquito control spray treatments every 21 days, from April until October when mosquitoes are active. Mr. Mosquito Eater's treatments will spray trees, shrubs and other vegetation, yard areas, etc. and apply larvicides in mosquito breeding areas (standing water, drains, downspouts, etc.)

    This agreement renews every 12 months unless the customer notifies Mr. Mosquito Eater in writing. The customer may cancel the agreement at any time.

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